Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that schedules change, things come up and life happens. We also depend on your financial commitment to guarantee our instructor’s income, rental contracts, liability insurance, etc. Therefore, our registration and supply fee is a non-refundable fee that is paid at the time of registration. We have limited spots to keep our class sizes small. Please consider your schedule and level of commitment before grabbing one of those spots. We will refund tuition (less the processing fees) if you change your mind 14 days prior to the first day of class. If it is within 14 days of the first day of class, tuition is non-refundable. Please keep this in mind before you register.

This is a drop-off program, unless you have coordinated with the instructor to be a volunteer in the class.

Yes, our anchor teachers are trained to recognize the signs of anaphylaxis and administer epinephrine. Note, while anchor teachers are with the cohort all day, there could be times when they are not within eyesight of your child. For example, they could be walking another child to the restroom.

Masks are not required but you are more than welcome to wear a mask if you prefer. We like to let each family make their own decisions when it comes to masking.  

Please denote any food allergies on your registration form.

Accommodations for allergies will be made in our cooking class. Note, while we mostly use whole foods, there is the possibility that an ingredient in the cooking class may not be from a allergen-free facility (olive oils, vinegars, etc).

As for lunchtime, our students eat outdoors or in an open-air pavilion (during inclement weather) and we have a no-sharing food standard. If you still have concerns about your child’s potential exposure to allergens, please reach out to the director so we can put a plan in place.

There are portable restrooms (porta-potties) on site. As a part of our COVID Prevention Protocols, participants will be required to clean their hands with supplied hand sanitizer after using a portable restroom.

We believe in providing ample opportunities for our learners to develop grit, and therefore, will attempt to host class even during inclement weather. We do have sheltered locations at our facility if necessary. Of course, if it is unsafe for outdoor play or highly unconducive for outdoor learning (subzero temps or lightning) class will be canceled and we will attempt to coordinate a makeup day.

Yes and no. Some are and some are not. We believe that you don’t have to have a degree to be a village expert in any given field. Therefore, we do not require a teaching license. In fact, some of the best teachers we know have never stepped foot in a traditional classroom as a teacher! All staff are required to pass a background check.

We are always looking for village experts to add to our team roster of Guides! For more info, please reach out directly to Our Village School Director, Maria Stalsberg, at

Currently, our program only offers classes to children who are 6+ on the first day of class. 

We have intentionally designed our classes to be mixed ages. Just like real life, this prepares our learners for a world where not everyone is their exact same age! Our guides will adapt the class to suit the appropriate ages of all participants.

We have every intention of running the program as published. However, at times, insufficient enrollment, personnel availability, and budget requirements may require us to modify the daily schedule and/or cancel a section. If we need to cancel an entire section, of course, we will provide a full refund.

We do not have an attendance requirement and we do not prorate or discount for missed classes. Your financial commitment is for the entire semester at the time of registration, regardless of how many days your child is able to physically attend.

We sure do! Let’s do our part to limit the spread of germs. Please keep your child home if they have 1 or more of the following: 

A. A temperature of 100 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication).
B. Vomiting 2 or more times in the past 24 hours.
C. Diarrhea, an increased number of stools compared to normal, or have stools that are loose, and need to use the bathroom frequently.
D. Any rash for which the cause is unknown, check with your doctor before coming to school.
E. Symptoms (fatigue, cough, pain, etc.) that prevent them from fulfilling school/work requirements.
F. There may be instances where other symptoms preclude one from being in school (ie: COVID19 symptoms). Administration will direct if/when additional guidelines are temporarily put into effect.

We thank you in advance for helping to keep our community healthy.

No, you have an option of enrolling for 1 or 2 days per week. There are 4 areas of exploration presented each day (1 hour each), two in the morning and two in the afternoon. There is an hour block for lunch/free play between 12-1:00. If you want your child to dabble in all 8 areas of exploration (music, art, drama, gardening, cooking, makerspace, science, and yoga) then you would want to sign them up for both days.

We are an outdoor program so dress accordingly. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Layers are always a good idea. Also, expect your kiddos to get dirty and prepare for it by sending them in play clothes AND closed-toed shoes to run & play in. Let’s allow our kids the freedom to roll down grassy hills and dig in the dirt uninhibited.

Great question, yes you do! Our students eat their home lunch outside as a community of learners. Please send a complete and nutritious meal (including a water bottle) that will fuel them for the remainder of the day. Please do not send candy, soda, or juice. Lunches will be stored in a shaded/protected area but you might still consider packing it with an ice pack. Please label the water bottle and lunch carrier with their name. 

Since we have a later start (10:00), we don’t have snack time in the morning. We also end at a reasonably early time (3:00), so we don’t snack in the afternoon. It is best to give your child a snack before attending and have one ready at the end of our day. If you are enrolled in the cooking day, there will usually be a snack in that class.

Lunch in a labeled lunch carrier of some form. 

Labeled water bottle–please only send water! 

Dressed in play clothes AND closed-toed shoes that are comfy and won’t give blisters.

***PLEASE send any/all items in a mid-sized backpack (no extra bags). This backpack should be large enough to fit a coat if they take it off but not so big that they can’t carry it. Our learners travel with their backpacks most of the day so please be mindful of what you send.

Yes. If you would like them in separate cohorts, please email the Director with this request.

Our Village School is absolutely committed to meeting each child’s social, emotional and intellectual needs. However, as a private enrichment program and not a traditional “school”, we do have some limitations in what we can offer for accommodations. We are happy to meet with families to assess whether we are able to meet the needs of a child with special needs. Please email the director to set-up a time to talk.

No. We offer progamming in the fall for 11 weeks. Then we break for the holidays and all of January. Our short winter session runs from mid-Feb to mid-March. Then we start back up for our spring semester in the end of March through the beginning of June.


Join us outdoors for exploration, learning and a deeper dive into the finer things of life. Looking forward to learning alongside you outside!